YAPP Program

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The Youth Accident Prevention Program (Y.A.P.P.) of the Pulaski County District Court is a five-day program taught in every junior and senior high school in Pulaski County. The focus of the program is on safety issues and includes DWI, DUI, alcohol and club drugs, seat belt safety, railroad safety, gun violence and conflict resolution.

The program began in 1988 as a federal grant program funded by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. It became self-sufficient in 1993 through monies collected from legislation passed allocation of fine money from moving traffic violations, a monthly DDI/DWI school conducted by the staff on Saturdays and donations from the Pulaski County School Districts.

The motto of the program is “It’s all about choices”.

The speakers strive to give young people the tools to help make the right choices. The Y.A.P.P. was honored as The Best Youth Program in the Nation in Washington in 1993.